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Charitable Assembly of the Association of Religions


Charity Association of Religions Association was established in 2016 to achieve a heavenly and human goal and started its activity seriously at the beginning of 2017. This institution is committed to be a salve and relief to the endless suffering and sorrows of the needy, especially children and their families, and now by trying to achieve its goals and the increasingly important charitable activities, essential and in line with other institutions And people''s organizations and national and international institutions want to take an important step in all social, educational and cultural, health and medical, civil, economic and job creation fields and have an effective role as follows:


social, educational and cultural, health and medical, civil, economic, job creation

In these goal setting, efforts are made to collect and concentrate the philanthropic capacities at the national level and, if possible, internationally, and use them in order to empower, de-harm and support the target groups, so that the danger and damage of the spaces Full of danger and social, economic, cultural tension, etc., it will decrease and ultimately lead to the increase of social and human capital and the capacity of our beloved land.