Educating a Girl, Educating a Nation - Sierra Leone

Educating a Girl, Educating a Nation - Sierra Leone

Across the region, 9 million girls between the ages of 6 and 11 will never go to school, compared to 6 million boys, according to UIS data. By the time they reach adolescence, the deprivation rate for girls is 36% compared to 32% for boys. (UNESCO, 2021). Girls' education is the main priority. The project will help by providing resources for girls' education, including books and school supplies, mentoring, computer training, food, COVID-19 support and transportation.

Despite the tremendous progress made in the past 20 years, more girls than boys never set foot in a classroom. The preference for boys'' education still prevails in many circles. This puts girls at a huge and crippling disadvantage, and COVID-19 has made it even more challenging. Without immediate action, the situation is likely to worsen as the region faces increasing demand for education due to a growing school-age population. (UNESCO, 2021)

The project helps reduce the gender gap by helping more girls go to school and complete their education. This is done through school support including books and school supplies as well as fees, uniforms, food support, transportation, masks and other COVID-19 support. Girls coaching sessions ensure girls have the life skills and mindset they need to succeed. Computer training ensures job and career opportunities, progress towards self-sufficiency.

Long-term impact
The project helps girls break out of the vicious cycle of poverty that traps unskilled and resource-poor girls. At-risk girls are becoming educated, emancipated, gainfully employed and self-sufficient women. These powerful women are the pillars of their families, communities and nations. When the stay-at-home mom is educated, the health, well-being, and success of the entire family moves forward and transforms. Educated girls educate the whole nation.

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